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The Growth Mindset – 5 Ways to Push Yourself Past the Plateau

Whenever you start doing something new, you can easily see your progress. But once you reach a certain skill level, you plateau. Your growth appears to slow down and you feel like you’re stagnating.

Imagine you’re learning a new language. Just starting out, every day you learn how to say something new. But after a few months, you’re not sure how to make progress in leaps and bounds anymore. It feels like you’re not improving.

You can plateau in anything – your diet, your business, learning a musical instrument. How do you overcome this frustrating situation?

Time for a Change of Strategy

When you hit a plateau, it’s the universe telling you that it’s time for a change of strategy. What has worked until now to spur growth isn’t working anymore. To put it in a positive way, you’ve become too good at what you’re doing.

In order to grow, we have to steadily meet the appropriate challenges. Right now, the challenges aren’t challenging enough. It means you need to do something new.

Maybe it’s time to launch products in a new category. Maybe you’ve done all you can with your current audience and it’s time to branch out. Look into some new marketing channels or add a new strategy to your mix.

Look for a Change

Perhaps there’s been some change that has occurred without you realizing it. Look at demographics, sales, or traffic over the last year. See if something has happened that has caused your business to stagnate. What could you do to overcome this?

The reason for your plateau may not be something you’re doing. Maybe something has changed in the world or market that’s impeding your growth. What change can you make in order to adapt to what’s going on?

Track Your Progress

You may be growing but just not seeing it. It’s easy to see how you’re learning when you just start out, but harder as you get better at it. Go back and look at the milestones you’ve achieved. Write these down somewhere and track your progress so you can remind yourself how far you’ve come.

Ditch the Echo Chamber

Sometimes plateauing is just a matter of perception. You may be surrounded by people who pat you on the back and encourage you, but what you need is some stern criticism and productive feedback. Identify people who are at the next level where you want to be and spend some time around them.

Adopt the Growth Mindset

You can prevent and deal with plateauing best if you adopt the growth mindset. This is a set of beliefs that sees humans as dynamic beings that evolve and develop over time, not as something static or fixed. It helps you to overcome the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Do you want to learn more about the growth mindset? Check out my course, Online Business Success Mindset, which teaches you the A to Z of adopting this success-minded way of thing and helps you achieve your business goals.

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