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Hi! I’m Wendy Merritt Kaufman. I am just beginning to focus on my voice over journey. I have recently relocated to the Catskills from NYC where I lived and worked as an actor for over 40 years in theatre and 10 years doing on-camera commercials. I decided to try to keep my hand in the “biz” by learning the voice-over business.

I discovered YouTube as a resource and became devoted to you, Angela as well as Bill de Wees and Anthony Pica. I created my home studio in a closet with lots of yarn and clothes as soundproofing, bought a Blue Yeti usb mic and downloaded Audacity. As you can imagine the last three months have been constant YouTube watching and practicing. I’m on Fiver and ACX. I actually got a Fiver gig two weeks ago from a sketch theatre company needing a voiceover for one of their shows, which I thought was a perfect first job. I was thrilled! But now it’s time for some mentorship and fellowship to keep me going and learning.

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