Looking for more information on Voice Over? Looking to begin your own online business? Want to Freelance on the side?

I have a few Courses designed just for you! And more in production! Check out these Courses I have created to help you get started in Voice Over!

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Upwork Basics Course

One of the largest global freelance market places! A great place to get started in Voice over, I walk you through the set up of your profile, how to determine pricing and how to submit a proposal. Get a jump start with this easy to follow Course on Upwork Basics. 

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Fiverr Basics Course

Another Great Place to start your freelancing Journey, Fiverr.  This site has been a very large contributor to my being able to go Full-Time.  I walk you through how to set up your profile, creating your first gig, and how to find work. Get a jump start with this easy to follow Course on Fiverr Basics. 

Meditation Course

One of the biggest and most lucrative niches of Voice Over, Meditation.  Understanding the Power of Meditations, I love creating Meditations for my clients.  This course covers the types of Healing with Voice Over: Meditations, Affirmations, ASMR and Sleep Stories, how to narrate them, and how to mix them with music. 

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Success Mindset Course

Starting and maintaining an online business takes a lot of hard work, thick skin and determination. There is also one thing all successful business owners have, a success mindset. In this course, I'll help you define your inner critic, and reframe those thoughts into a positive, successful mindset. 

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One on One Workshop

Have a question about Voice Over or anything related? Need help with setting up your profiles in Fiverr or Upwork? Need direction in your Meditation or Affirmations project?  As a Platinum Member, I will be available to you for 30 minutes, just schedule some time with me!