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The VO Workshop

  • Best Value

    Platinum Member

    Every month
    Exclusive Benefits, content and weekly group meetings!
    • Educational Mini Challenges
    • eBooks, Resources & Worksheets
    • Weekly Group Session via Zoom, Thursdays at 8pmEST
    • New content uploaded regularly
    • Practice & Demo Scripts
    • Informative Blogs
    • Access to Group Discord
  • Fiverr Gig Review

    Advice on your gigs from a Top Rated Seller and Fiverr Trainer
    • Your gigs reviewed by an official fiverr trainer
    • Review of each gig and give you feedback on how to improve
    • 20-30 minute video review to download and refer back to
    • Advice on what to tweak or add to improve business on Fiverr
    • Review of your thumbnail, price structure, demo and more
    • Completed within 7 days or less of order
    • Please provide your fiverr username upon purchase
  • 12 Week Mentorship

    Every month
    12 weekly meetings to get you off to a great start!
    Valid for 3 months
    • 12, 30-minute weekly meetings via zoom, once a week M-F
    • 3 monthly payments of $200 each
    • We'll set your goals, discuss your set up, and more
    • Access to resources, practice scripts, eBooks & more!
  • 4 Week Mentorship

    4 weekly meetings to get a great jump start!
    Valid for one month
    • 4, 30-minute weekly meetings via Zoom M-F
    • 1 payment of $200
    • We will discuss your goals, your set up and more!
    • Access to resources, practice scripts, eBooks & more!
  • Meditation Course

    Create Meditations, Affirmations, ASMR & Sleep Stories
    • How to help Heal using your Voice
    • Define Meditations, Affirmations, ASMR & Sleep Stories
    • How to narrate these and record them in your DAW
    • How to mix your narration with music
    • How to make these into video
    • Learn at your own pace with pre-recorded videos
  • Success Mindset

    Success Mindset Course
    • Define your inner critic's voice
    • Steps to Reframe your negative thoughts
    • Determine your current mindset and how to think positively
    • Prepare yourself for the Greatness to Come!
    • Learn at your own pace

The Platinum Membership plan will automatically renew month after month at the price shown until you cancel your membership. The 12 week Mentorship Plan will automatically renew every month for 3 months.


Brandon Catanzariti

"I'd recommend Angela's platinum membership to any VO artist, rookie or seasoned. Wonderful resources that I've used religiously since starting my journey and I get legitimately excited about the Thursday group meetings. Friendly, supportive people that make the growing process as much about being comfortable and having fun as being productive."

 Chris topher

"I recently joined voiceoverangela VO workshop platinum membership. The community and support has been nothing short of amazing. To have a safe place to try out new things in VO and get quality feedback has absolutely accelerated my career and confidence as a voice actor! Thank you so much fellow platinum members, see you next Thursday"

Chris W

"I signed up for Angela's one on one mentorship program and was able to accelerate my voiceover business. I went from not being hired in 6 months and countless auditions to being hired for 3 out of 10 auditions on acx in under a month. A great coach will help you achieve your goals that much faster. Highly recommend checking out voiceoverangela if you are just starting out and need a customized plan to fit your voice and style to start getting hired today! Thanks Angela"

Eric Priessman

"I started my VO journey from scratch and Angela has been there since the beginning! She was (and STILL IS) there for every and any question I have about this industry and how to make my performance and business better.  I’ve used her One on One sessions to help me work through some technical issues and booking time with her is EASY!  As a Platinum member of her VO Workshop, the knowledge and feedback every week is so valuable.  Angela leads our group of fun and eager artists through great exercises designed to help improve our skills and make us better.  I'm glad I found her on YouTube! If you’re wondering where to start, start with Angela and the VO Workshop; you can’t go wrong"

Stacey K

"Angela is such a kind and generous soul. She has created a forum for us newbies, where we can get real answers to the multitude of questions that arise when one is just starting out, as well as continued education as you build your business. There is so much information out there, and it’s not all great. Angela is a wonderful guide through the world of voiceover. it your voice and style to start getting hired today! Thanks Angela"

Kirk Lawrence-Howard

"I initially encountered Angela via her YouTube videos about VO and Adobe Audition basics. With her in-depth, yet uncomplicated guidance, she gave me the confidence to proceed in my transition from stage acting to VO work. A year and a half, and 10 audiobooks later, I still count on her wisdom and guidance. With the addition of her Thursday night Platinum group, Angela has created a VO safe space where the beginner, and the more advanced, can help one another grow to become the VO professionals we were born to be. Angela is a VO rockstar. Helping. Learning. Knowing we’re all in this together."

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