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Welcome to the VO Workshop!

Looking to get started in
Voice over or an online business? 

access to my popular voice over courses are now available here!

join as a
Platinum member!

Platinum Members will get exclusive access to special  content and tips, access to weekly group sessions, specially curated resources, ebooks, custom challenges, planners, scripts, a Group forum and private discord group for questions and sharing success stories with peers. 

I wanted to create a place where like-minded people who were just starting their voice over businesses or scaling, to meet with others and share their knowledge and grow together. a place where knowledge truly is power. 


if you would like to meet with me for a single 30 minute session, please click the button below to book a session

, sign up for a 4 week or 12 week mentorship program, where we would meet for 30 minutes, once a week (Monday thru Friday) to discuss your progress and answer your questions.   


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