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How Content Design Impacts Your Message

For content marketing to be effective, your message needs to get through to your audience. If you have useful content that provides value to the reader, this will help. But if it’s not designed strategically and thoughtfully, it won’t create the impact you want it to have or bring you the results you want to see.

What is Content Design?

Content design involves planning your content with the entire reader experience in mind. You’re not just focusing on your text and what you’re saying, but the visual design, branding, and streamlining to make it easier to consume.

One of the most important elements is its emphasis on customer journey. Where is your audience when they encounter your content? The material or production you create is connected to everything else you do online. Good design involves connecting with the reader wherever they are in their journey with you.

Stages of the Customer Journey

Where is the reader in their journey with you when they encounter your content? A particular piece might be the first impression they have with your brand. Or, they may be an occasional casual reader. They could be a potential customer. They might be a subscriber who reads your blog regularly and relies on you for information related to your niche.

If you design your content with this in mind, it will resonate with the reader and meet their needs. You’re also better able to decide what topics to cover. You can answer the questions the reader has in mind when they come across your site or profile.

Good Content Design Makes Your Message Easier to Hear

A major component of content design is simplifying the layout so that it’s easy to read your content. For example, paragraphs should be kept small so the text isn’t overwhelming. Text should be broken up with a sub-header for each section. Wherever appropriate, list items as bullet points.

Another aspect is how your text catches the reader’s eye and leads them down the page. It makes your content easier to navigate. These simple tips make your text easier to read, and this makes it easier for your message to reach your reader.

The Message Behind the Message

Good content design also helps with branding. It includes the same visual elements and format, so your reader knows what to expect. The tone of the text as well as the visual elements tells them it’s you. By making your content predictable in this way, you form a relationship with your audience that makes them more receptive to your message.

Identifying Your Purpose

The first step to refining your content design is to define your purpose. Of course, the purpose is to inform or to entice. But you can’t just stop there. Each piece should lead the reader to take some kind of action. If it’s purely informational, it should solve a problem or ask a question. Identify what the reader will be able to do once they’ve consumed the piece of content. If you do this first, you’ll be better able to produce work that gets results.

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